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My Gallery

I’ve set up a gallery over at my author page to share the random pictures I design. Most are a bit silly or cartoony but I enjoy making them and it’s fun to share. Please check them out and let me know what you think or give me an idea for something new.

Here is my latest


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Spark Your Imagination: A dragon takeover!

sparkSpark is just way too needy right now. Between the weekly comic and the book I have been working on I can’t seem to get away from him. Funny thing is because I keep working on his stories now he feels left out, like I’m ignoring him. Dang I get up to thoughts of what would work for a book and go to bed thinking about my next weekly comic yet still he’s whining.

I mean come on. How much more can I do for him? I write about him, let him live in my garage, feed him and gave him his own pet. He has almost anything he could want including satellite TV and an audience that wait weekly to hear about his newest antics. Granted there has been an issue with the bathroom but I’m still working on that (it’s my issue more than his).

Well it seems one thing he wants is to be a new dragon for the Game of Thrones HBO series. Austin inquired about this a couple weeks back and this was Spark’s answer.

Spark: I love the show of course it would be a great honor to star on it. I actually sent in an audition tape before the recent season hoping to make it on. I figure at some point those dragons that are already in the show are going to need a love interest and who better than a mature, handsome creature such as myself?

I haven’t heard back yet though. Maybe next season.

Rob was interested to know if Spark in his many adventures and years of kingdom living if he ever met a man by the name of Merlin. I asked the question but his response was a bit hard to interpret.

Spark: Merlin? Yeah, I met him. I’ll refrain from anything more than that!

He took off after that so I couldn’t ask him anything else although based on his demeanor it was probably for the best. I think by next week he’ll be in a better mood so go ahead and get any questions you have for him in the meantime right here or send to twitter, Facebook or contact by email at:

Also you can check out the coming soon post over at Dragon in my Garage for more book info. Thanks for stopping in and be sure to come back in the morning for the newest comic.

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Spark Your Imagination: What are a dragon’s rights?

Time for another edition of Spark your imagination, a question and answer session with a pet dragon. We have a couple topics this week so let’s go ahead and get to it.

Spark is trying to be scary. I keep telling him to give it up.
Spark is trying to be scary. I keep telling him to give it up.

JED: Okay Spark it seems that Rob of Rob’s Surf Report wants to know how there came to be positive and negative blood types?

Spark: Hmm, positive and negative blood types? Well I think it started long ago among the cave men. It originally was the way they figured out how to hunt for food. You see if something was positive for blood it was considered hunt worthy and edible, lets say just for instance a rabbit. If it was negative for blood it wasn’t, lets say a tree. Of course there were some things that were edible and negative for blood like an apple. This is where type A and B started. A for allowed and B for back like put it back, leave it alone. Over the years as man developed and the sciences evolved food became much more complicated but blood was the same. Eventually the meaning changed and it was realized there were different types of blood and since blood “types” had already been established they became known as you know them today. At least that’s what I heard. Thanks for the question.

JED: Austin from Return of the Modern Philosopher wants to know if you are the dragon featured on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s tattoo?

Spark: No. I auditioned for the part but it was decided I wasn’t quite dragony enough to be a dragon tattoo. How can a dragon not be dragony enough? Just didn’t make sense to me but that’s Hollywood for you. I think you’ve had an experience with how fickle the entertainment business can be Austin so you understand. Great question.

JED: Juls from The Indecisive Eejit has asked Are you the dragon who burnt my bum and lead to my world famous book as featured on Okay what if? Titled “The day I burnt my butt cheeks”?

Spark: “I got burnt butt cheeks let me blame the only dragon I know!” Every time there is the least hint of a random fire or scorching somehow my name gets brought into the conversation. I’m not saying yes or no just remember I have rights and am innocent until proven guilty. That is unless since your book is world famous you now want to send some of the proceeds my way. If so then yeah, go ahead and blame me!


JED: Speaking of your rights brings up a question I have for you. What are your rights and who would we contact if someone was mistreating you?

Spark: Who would be brave enough to mistreat me?

JED: That’s not the point. I’m just wondering if your rights would fall under animal or human rights.

Spark: Well I’m not an animal!

JED: Yeah but you’re not a human either.

Spark: Of course not!

JED: So then what rights would you have?

Spark: I’d have dragon rights.

JED: But there isn’t such a thing. I mean thinking about it we had to get you examined by a vet to make sure you weren’t rabid or anything and I needed to have a dangerous animal clause added to my insurance policy so you could live here but the city doesn’t require you to be on a leash or chain.

Spark: I’d like to see them put me on a leash and chains? If I ever got free you wouldn’t want to be in my way!

JED: Settle down Spark I’m jut thinking outloud, besides you don’t need to know about the electric fence and shock collar.

Spark: The WHAT!

JED: Nothing, never mind. Maybe our readers can give us a little insight. Anyone out there have any ideas what Spark’s rights would be?

Oh and of course don’t forget to get your questions in for next week’s question and answer session with a pet dragon. Comment here, send to twitter, Facebook or contact by email at:

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Can there be too many super-heroes?

I was a comic book fan. Oh who am I kidding, I’m still a comic book fan. I purchased a few graphic novels as recently as last month. So why would I even consider the possibility of too many super-heroes?

There are a lot of promising things happening in the comic book related world these days. Marvel has regained the rights to Spidey, television shows on a budget can still make super heroes seem super and the summer box office is ruled by powered individuals.


I have seen so many movies based on comic books, graphic novels and the heroes they contain I couldn’t name them all if my life was in the balance. Hopefully one of them would swoop in and save me at the last second.

And now my DVR fills up every week with the television shows I dare not miss. The Flash, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Agent Carter, Constantine. Even The Walking Dead and iZombie were first seen in comic book/graphic novel form. I have yet to watch Daredevil because I’m not a Netflix subscriber, but I’m sure I’ll find a remedy to that soon.

Among the rumors or already confirmed shows coming to TV soon are Krypton, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, a Heroes return and Preacher. There are lots more but I wanted to keep this post from getting too lengthy.


At the box office you get Avengers and marvel’s massive line up of heroes from it appearing every few months along with Superman, Batman, Ant-Man, Deadpool, X-Men, Fantastic Four and that’s just the one’s appearing soonest. There are plans well into 2019 for dozens of comic based movies.

As much as I love my heroes I worry it’s just too much. How can I remain grounded in my sanity when there is so many exciting things happening everywhere I look. Maybe a spider will bite me or I’ll be hit by cosmic rays or lightning and I can be super too. And if I think that way what do the little ones think?

What are your thoughts? Is it all too much or is this a lasting trend? Do we need the super to make our mundane lives more enjoyable? Is it all just preparing us for the next phase of human evolution? Is it a defense mechanism to keep the aliens away thinking we are way too powerful a species?


I’d love to hear your opinion. Are you watching? Are you getting tired of hearing news of upcoming projects or do you get excited? Too much or it could never be enough?

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Spark Your Imagination: A dragon questions you

Good evening everyone and welcome to another addition of Spark your Imagination: a question and answer session with Spark the pet dragon.

spark thumbnail

He took last week’s post-post happenings pretty tough. By that I mean the fact that no one had any questions they wanted him to answer. He feels a little silly doing a post if no one wants to be involved but I talked him into giving it at least a few more weeks.

This week he decided since he didn’t get asked any questions he would ask you, the followers a few of his.

Spark: Okay first off I hope you have been keeping up with my and Jed’s adventures in our comic My Buddy Has Fire Breath. We have a new episode all ready to go tomorrow and can you believe it will be the seventeenth since we switched to the Fire Breath name? That means almost four months worth of weekly comics. I feel like that’s a pretty good accomplishment.

Of course on the flipside Jed has been haphazard in his work on the book he promised about our first meeting. He started out in January with a few chapters and has since only added one more. He has been rethinking the book a lot wondering whether the story of a man and his pet dragon might be too silly for an adult audience but not sure he wants to gear it towards small children either.

I gave him an idea he may toy with and I would be interested in what others think. The comic we write together is based on life after we met, while I am already living in his garage and we are great friends. So what if he wrote a book format long comic about the original meeting story? Something only available if you read the book and slightly different, yet familiar to the current comic setup.

Would you read it? Would you be intrigued by the thought? Shouldn’t it be a great read for all ages?

Oh and by the way, what’s with the zero questions? I’m here to answer whatever serious or silly questions you can fire at me (see what I did there) so next week I expect to be busy. Go ahead and get them in either here in the comments or to Jed’s email at

Thanks for stopping by!