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A Politician’s Poem


If I were a politician

What’s the first thing I would do?

Maybe get a license plate

That simply read screw you?

If I were a politician

Why would I even try?

It seems so much easier

To just filibuster and lie.

If I were a politician

Who would I side with?

I guess it’ll depend on

Who has the most money to give.

If I were a politician

I’d believe I could do no wrong

Until I got into trouble

And they’d say jail is where I belong.

If I were a politician

And you choose to impeach me

The next guy’d be even worse

Just you wait and see.

If I weren’t a politician

I think I’d be a lawyer instead

Maybe I could defend the politicians

When they were caught in the wrong bed.

So lately my Facebook feed has been full of all kinds of things that just make me want to look away. I am already tired of the politics and the debates haven’t even started yet. This is my contribution for today. Please know It’s meant to be funny and not my opinion on all politicians (just most).

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Storm has passed


I step forward

Fresh air brushes my face

I now choose

Choose to save my soul

Now’s the time

Time I changed my way

No more sorrow

Good days for me ahead

Clear the way

Clouds opening to clear skies

Like the sun

I dropped to rise again

Past is past

The now matters right now.

Written for this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction and inspired by the photo above.

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A Simple Package


It was a package, a simple package

Left by my front door

No name, no address

No way to know who it was for

What was it, why’s it here

Was is on the right floor

Who left it, where’d they go

Was it best to ignore

Should I open it, find out

Was it right to explore

It was just a package, a simple package

Left by my front door

What was in it I had the right

To find out for sure

Was it meant for me or a neighbor

Maybe Frank, maybe Lenore

Perhaps it wasn’t for anybody

Should it be returned to the store

It’s time to find out

No longer can I defer

The package, the simple package’s

Paper wrapping quickly tore

Now to see what was inside

See what it was for

What is that, what did I hear

Did the box just roar

Why am I cold, why am I feeling

A chill deep to my core

The box is nothing, it’s empty

Yet I’m repulsed like never before

What is this, what’s happening

Why am I covered in sores

It was a just a package, a simple package

Was it a portal, some form of door

Is it over, will I survive

What must I endure

The box has been opened

No way to know what’s in store

Am I doomed, just a memory

To be heard from nevermore

Did you get the box I left for you?
Did you get the box I left for you?
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Answer the call


Once upon a time

In a town a bit small

An ice cream truck roamed

While children answered the call

Where the truck came from

No one seemed to recall

But people began to worry

When missing went little Paul

Surely it wasn’t the driver

He wouldn’t have the gall

It seemed too cliché

An ice cream truck and all

He told those that questioned

Nothing to worry about Y’all

I’m sure he’s very close

He’s a good boy that Paul

But it’s time I moved on

Not in it for the long haul

I’ll find me a new spot

Maybe near a fancy mall

Before I go let me offer

A free cone to one and all

They are very tasty

You know I make it au natural!

Written for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt and inspired by the photo above.


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Wealth is wasted

car-160343_640Wealth is wasted on the rich

Maybe its time to switch

Those with funds too much

Need to spread it around and such

If you own a different car for each day

You should have them taken away

Then get stuck with a low income job

So many bills your head starts to throb

When it’s cold your heater breaks down

Its as if life keeps slapping you around

Maybe that’s what it takes to know

What it’s like to be your average Joe Blow

If those wealthy could feel

What it’s like to miss a meal

When you’re not able to afford your food

Things in life are differently viewed

Yes wealth is wasted on the rich

Just thinking about it makes me twitch

What can be done about it I don’t know

I just wish I could have more dough