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Craziness overload!

Wow, it’s been hectic. My last post was over two months ago where I told everyone about my newest book release. That book has been doing very well with consistent sales and borrows, but when I completed it I decided I needed a break from writing. I searched around for something new I might enjoy.

I had previously dabbled a little on the redbubble site, uploading a few t-shirt designs with no luck. Another author suggested I try the Amazon merch program to sell t-shirts. I applied but not much luck there either. Then I found another site that allowed you to design and sell lots of products, not just tees. They also provided some great training on how to do it. I thought, why not use my illustration skills to try it!

So, did you notice the title? It got crazy!

At the same time I started this new venture, I decided to refinance my house. The weeks following are a bit of a blur. Many calls and emails from my bank about the house, scheduling the appraisal, answering questions, signing documents.

On the design side, I set up an Etsy shop, reopened my Ebay account, became a pro seller on Amazon and opened my very own Shopify store. I created, purchased or updated over 300 designs and placed them on t-shirts, coffee mugs, shot glasses and more.

Sounds like I was busy, huh? Well believe it or not, there was more! The designs started selling!

In August I had 75 sales for just over 100 products. This was a great surprise. I really wasn’t expecting the products to sell that quickly. As great as it was, it created problems. Mainly because the sales had to be shipped and paid for. This meant me placing and paying for them myself, then waiting for my money. Some of the sites you can sell on hold the funds to verify the seller is legit and the customer receives their purchase. Understandable, but an unexpected consequence to the sales.

So to sum it up, whew!

From blogger to book author and now a graphic designer and online salesman I guess. Great part is I really enjoy it. I sold an item and the buyer contacted me saying it was for a boot camp graduation. It was special to find out how much it meant to them. A couple others have been special gifts for loved ones. I’ve even designed a couple shirts for myself. I may never buy another t-shirt I didn’t design!

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how things have been going. I hope all is well with my blogging friends. I did upload a coffee mug with bloggers in mind. What do you think? 


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A new project

So I’ve ventured into a new area.

As a child who grew up in the 80’s I was introduced to comic books which then, were available at almost every convenience store. I read them, pretended to be the superheroes they were about (Pretending to be Wonder Women around your friends when you are a boy doesn’t bode well for your social status. Not my proudest childhood memory!) and I even attempted to become a comic book creator myself.

I remember using a notebook, adding empty boxes for panels to the pages and then drawing my form of characters in them (I’ve never been apt at drawing). Sometimes I would make my own Spider-Man or Superman stories and sometimes I’d create my own character. Either way it was a lot of fun.

With that in mind I decided to try something that I would have loved to have had when I was little. A sort of, create it yourself comic book template. All I do is come up with a cover, add some tips to the inside, then set up pages of blank, varying panels and ta-da……

My Own Comic Book

At the moment I’ve created 12 different covers with popular subjects like dragons, dinosaurs, zombies and of course, superheroes. Anyone can then take the pre-formatted pages and add their own story and artwork.

I’m still coming up with ideas for versions of the books. I have set them up with 21 pages of 75 empty comic book panels for the story. I think that’s a good number to tell a story without being too much. I can add up to 100 pages without changing the price, but that to me, seems like too many.

Anyone have any ideas for new versions or comments on what I’ve done so far?  If you don’t mind would you click over to the Facebook page and give me a like or share?  Much appreciated.


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The Screaming Booth

I had an idea this morning on my way to work when a car pulled out right in front of me. It was then reinforced just by the usual workday flow.

I want to create a Screaming Booth!


Who wants to help me out? I figure we can take an old photo booth, make sure it’s fully enclosed and then add a program for registering screams.

You see you would pay a fee then step inside and just let loose. Imagine the stress release.

The unit would be outfitted to register the decibel level you reached and tell you what type of scream you had (normal, glass shattering, ear piercing, horror, etc.). Also you could have a picture series printed of you in the act of screaming.

As an added bonus (and for an additional fee) you could have the scream downloaded to your mobile device to use as a ring tone if you wanted. Just plug the device into the booth via the unit’s transfer wire.

Of course it would need a disclaimer that by paying a fee and entering the unit you were risking your own voice and hearing and the owners or creators of said booth could not be held responsible for any injuries sustained as a result.

If anyone knows the technology side to do this I believe it could be huge. We can get a demo model ready then go on Shark Tank to find investors. Soon you will see a Screaming Booth in every mall and at every fair you go to.

Wonder if I need to patent the idea?

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My crazy thoughts

By now maybe you’ve seen me talk about the book I recently finished. I’ve been working on getting it for sale on Amazon and have a proof coming tomorrow for a printed version.

It has been a fun experience and even though it has yet to actually go on sale all I can do is think about what next.

I love my blog followers but the thought of sharing my crazy thoughts with an even bigger audience is too enticing not to try. With that in mind I’ve got a plan in place for a second book in the Dragon in My Garage Series to come out within a couple months and would like to add a third filled with Halloween Hijinks for the spooky season.

Maybe I can pull this off while working a full time job, maybe not but I feel I want to try. To add even more on my plate I’ve been considering another project. I have been ignoring my hosting duties at Okay, What If? for a while now and this project would get me back to it.

The thing is on this one I may want some help.

The whole fiction writing thing with me restarted with a short story first written on Okay, What if? The idea of the what if has always been an intriguing way to explore a new world of possibilities. With that in mind I would like to collect a series of short stories into a book all written with the What if in mind.

I’m thinking about ten total stories with maybe five by me and five by contributing authors as in you possibly. Would anyone be interested in the chance? I will tell you I like the unique and odd sort of thought. One of my possible contributions is a rewrite of that first story posted on Okay , What if? called What if I Met Bigfoot and Turns out, he is a really great guy?

I’ve even worked a bit on the cover possibility.


For now this is still just an idea in my head but I would like to know what others thought and if anyone might consider submitting a story for it. If I see the interest I will figure out a way to receive submissions and some type of guidelines.

Shameless plug time, go now and preorder my first book How I Met My Pet Dragon from Amazon. Go ahead. It’s okay to leave the blog for it. I’ll be here when you get back.

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Anybody ever tried a blog yard-sale?


So I’ve got all these old drafts I started but never went anywhere with the ideas. I’ve got thoughts I jotted down to go back to later and blog about.

Will I ever do anything with them? Are they going to just sit on the screen collecting dust? Can words and thoughts collect dust? I think sometimes dust comes out when I shake my head too hard so maybe?

Could a new blogger use one of my unfinished posts? Is there blogging gold there that I just can’t see?

So has anyone ever tried to do a blogging yard-sale. Maybe one weekend we should all set up one and offer our past ideas and drafts. Maybe even some of our older posts if someone wanted to try to update then to a more modern version.

One person’s junk thought is another’s freshly pressed treasure

It could work right?

I’ve only been blogging for about two years now and I know how many of these old unfinished pieces I have so I can imagine what’s out there from some others in the blogging world. Time to move them to where they can be more useful and make room for all the new ideas that keep popping up.

Who’s with me?

Oh and shameless plug time, go now and preorder my first book How I Met My Pet Dragon from Amazon. Go ahead. It’s okay to leave the blog for it. I’ll be here when you get back.