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My new book free to download May 20, 21

I have just finished a new book and think it might be my best yet. Then again, I’m probably a bit biased. This new one took a while to do. The story came along pretty easy, but the pictures were the problem. The problem with them is I just had a hard time satisfying myself.

It’s weird how the more you do something the harder you get on yourself. My first book I was so proud to have actually finished, I didn’t think about a lot of the things I do now. Some of that is learning from the mistakes too. I’ve made them. I still make them. But I do think it’s a few less now.

Anyway, I finally redid the pictures for the fifth or sixth time (I lost count). My wife finally stopped laughing at me for redoing the pictures. She asked me at least three times “Are you doing the same picture again?”.

three mice cover smallSo if you want to see if my work was worth it, please download my new book. Yes it’s a children’s book, but I promise adults will enjoy it too. If nothing else all the pictures and the different characters are pretty entertaining. It’s about three mice who love to play pranks (something kids today are doing a little too much), but these pranks eventually catch up to them in an unexpected way. Think about the story of the boy who cried wolf.

It’s also free to download the digital copy today and tomorrow. So no reason not to. If you do, I would really appreciate a review. With books, reviews are especially important. The more descriptive the review, the better.

Here is the link

Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions for me. Have a great weekend.



Also known as John E Dorey. I enjoy writing short stories and books for kids along with illustrating using 3D Art.

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