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Hi Again…

emoti 3So it’s been a while. I keep promising myself I’ll get back into writing regularly on this blog. I just don’t keep my promises. It’s not like I haven’t been busy. Since I got into doing my books I’ve just spent more time on them and other projects,not even thinking about my poor, nearly abandoned blog that started me in the direction of writing in the first place.

Even this weekend I set up a Facebook event with free books and prizes. I invited all my Facebook friends, posted in groups, shared on twitter. Then this morning it hit me. What about your blog? All those followers who supported you starting out and your ramblings for a couple years. You just went and forgot about them?

All I can say is – I’m sorry!

The event is still live and my books will be available (3 free to download and the rest on sale) until the end of today). You can visit the event here or go to my Amazon page for the freebies here.

I miss all my friends I made here in the blogging world and I really want to get back to sharing. No promises this time though. Maybe if I don’t set any plans out I’ll do better.

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. I want to hear from you.


Also known as John E Dorey. I enjoy writing short stories and books for kids along with illustrating using 3D Art.

2 thoughts on “Hi Again…

  1. Hey, nice to see you and I’m glad to see the books are doing well.
    Every now and again I look at the What if and wish I had things I could add to keep it going, but these days I’m usually scratching my head to get content for my own lol


    1. I know. I hate I let the What if site completely go an it was the very beginning. I guess the great thing is just still being here and even if it’s not as often, feeling comfortable with posting the latest happenings in our lives and knowing there are others out there who are willing to listen. Thanks for dropping in. It’s good to hear from you.


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