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A Politician’s Poem


If I were a politician

What’s the first thing I would do?

Maybe get a license plate

That simply read screw you?

If I were a politician

Why would I even try?

It seems so much easier

To just filibuster and lie.

If I were a politician

Who would I side with?

I guess it’ll depend on

Who has the most money to give.

If I were a politician

I’d believe I could do no wrong

Until I got into trouble

And they’d say jail is where I belong.

If I were a politician

And you choose to impeach me

The next guy’d be even worse

Just you wait and see.

If I weren’t a politician

I think I’d be a lawyer instead

Maybe I could defend the politicians

When they were caught in the wrong bed.

So lately my Facebook feed has been full of all kinds of things that just make me want to look away. I am already tired of the politics and the debates haven’t even started yet. This is my contribution for today. Please know It’s meant to be funny and not my opinion on all politicians (just most).



Also known as John E Dorey. I enjoy writing short stories and books for kids along with illustrating using 3D Art.